quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

Good ones were born in June

Today is a special day. That's my birthday - since my parents' golden days
I came to the world in the evening, time for dinner - promise to be a winner
Although my family was very poor, home education was reception at the entrance door
Sometimes no toys, no food, no clothes, only love and respect our values for the most

At the age of seven my academic career has started - school became second home
No brothers and sisters. Everybody is unknown - without home, I got alone
Couldn't buy books, souvenirs or any school materials - future dreams are gone
Being a child at that time is like living wildly - surviving among many, I was one

After high school I got a wish, which was to be a teacher and help my people
Just a dream, too small; like a seed, seminal. Had to study hard without a nickle
Among eighty I was the sixth - being pride to my parents even humble and little
In four years I got my ability to teach Elementary ones. They were the twinkle's

University was a second success. Qualified in Languages and Literature
I could understand Education as a process which happens like a picture
Writing and Researching was my signature with liberty, with no censure
Publishing is a mandatory request, or perish. Bad way for gaining treasure

Theology is my passion - but it seems she broke with me. Now I am single
She is fallen in love for title - a very handsome guy - actually the principle
That's why I moved on - still waiting for a great opportunity - to be able
To finish my studies and being approved for a new mission field - at the angle

So, I gave a present to myself today. It is a sabbatical, after sixteen years
I am going to work and make money only to support myself without fear
It's a break for self empowerment. It sounds painful inside my ears
I need a time for restoration. I was suffering without help, in tears